Hanging Status Box / Status Box Tergantung (Blogskin)


As example, like this. Live preview here. (3rd blogskin on the way yeah!~)

//Credit to Alia Eyra
WARNING! Remember to Preview first before Save if you don't want to cry all night!
  1. Like always, Blogger --> Template 
  2. CTRL + F simultaneously and search for <base target='_blank'/>
  3. Available? If not put that under <head>
  4. Copy these codes and paste it above <base target='_blank'/>

border:1px dashed #FFF; - This is for the upper box. You can learn about it HERE
background: #FFE4ED;} - The upper box background color. Choose it HERE
border:1px dashed #FFF; - This one for the below box.
text-align:left; - You can change from left to right
background:#FFE1EB;  - The below box background color.
Status</div> - Change the word 'Status'
Your status goes here. ;) (05/08/14)  - Write your own words.
 Credit to: Alia Eyra


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