Freebies: Cat Smilies For Cbox / Icon Kucing Comel Untuk Cbox


Right Click --> Save image / Copy image










Credit: Kak Husna
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Tutorial: Cbox Muncul Bila Kursor Menyentuh / Cbox Appeared When Cursor Hover


For example, like this.

//Before and after cursor hover. (Ignore the Jad. It's me. =3 )

Just copy these codes.

Blogger Template
Blogger --> Layout --> Add A Gadget --> Add HTML/Javascript --> paste in those codes -->Save

Blogger --> Template --> CTRL + F search for 'CODE' because I bet there's a space for CBOX, right? ;) --> Paste in! --> Save



Credit to: Kak Aisyah

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Tutorial: Last time you're here was on (bla bla bla) *like me + Background


Do you want this?
Follow these steps. ;)

1. Blogger --> Layout --> Add A Gadget --> just paste in these codes.

2. Change:
Background URL
Hey you! Thanks for stopping by. ^_^ (This one is for a first time viewer.)
Hello, thanks for visiting me again. Last time you're here was on... 

3. Save! Working? Tell me! ^_^

Credit: Kak Amalina

Updated: For Blogskin

Blogger --> Template --> Paste those codes on your sidebar. ;)
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Tutorial: Made your own Navbar / Buat Navbar sendiri


First of all, what is Navbar? o.O Let me introduce you to..

//Click to view it better

But, that original Blogger navbar is tooo old-fashioned. It not suited our taste nowadays, isn't it? =p So.. How to made our own navbar? =D

Okay, simpy follow these steps below.

1. Blogger --> Template --> Edit HTML

2. Copy these code below.

3 Paste the code BELOW </head> (CTRL + F to search! =) )

4. Edit:

PICTUREURL - The Navbar's background's URL.  =P
#1c1c1c - The font's color code. Choose it HERE. Or! You can type the color. Example, color:black;
11 - The font's size.
Welcome to my blog! - Change with your word. =)
YOURBLOGID - Your Blog ID! =p *Don't know what?
absolute - If you want the navbar scrolling with you, (example here) change it to fixed. =)

5. Preview. Is it okay? No need to change? No errors? Save! =D

p/s: Make sure you off the original navbar first! ;) Don't know how?

Credit to: 
Kak Nurrul & Kak Kiera
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Tutorial: Cantikkan Kotak Komen / Decorate your Comment Box (Blogskin)


You want a comment box like this? Keep reading! ;)

[Only work on Blogskin]

First, paste these code BEFORE </style> (Doesn't matter which one.)

Then search for </Blogger> and paste the codes BEFORE it.

After that, you need to search for another </Blogger> tag  (most blogskins have two entry codes due to pagination system), and paste the codes BEFORE it again.

Oh yeah, please remove the original code first, okay? ;) So that it won't overlap.

p/s: Live preview the picture above, click HERE. Second blogskin on the way! =D

Credit: Kak Wana
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Tutorial: Convert to Blogskin / Guna Blogskin


Let these picture speak. I'm having a sore throat. Water!! Oh, cannot eh? Fasting lah.. =D

Oh, lastly, don't forget to press CTRL+F and search & replace these. IMPORTANT FOR YOUR OWN BLOG SAKE!


What is blogID? And the word YOUR plays a big role in Blogskin. For example, YOUR BLOG ID | YOUR CBOX CODE | YOUR PROFILE | YOUR NAME.


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Tutorial: Put Google Friend Connect in Blogskin / Letak Google Friend Connect dalam Blogskin


Warning: Please do by the numbers. Some numbers are not in their order, so read carefully.

is lesson day! How to put Google Friend Connect in Blogskin hah?
First of all, what is Google Friend Connect? And how to get it?
This is Google Friend Connect.

2) To get it, open Blogger --> Layout --> Add a Gadget --> More Gadgets --> Scroll till the bottom --> Click the 'plus' icon.

1) Eh, wait-wait. You say we want to put it in Blogskin? Okay, I forget to tell you. The most first step is change your Blogskin to it origin. Don't worry, your skin WILL NOT DISAPPEARD! Trust Blogger! Don't know how?

3) After that, you open your blog, then press CTRL+U in the same time to view your page source.

4) Press CTRL+F in the same time to find. Then, search friendconnect
As example, this is my code. Click to view it better.
WARNING: Don't copy the code at the bottom. Every blog has it own code. I show this just as an example.
5) You need to copy from <script type="text/javascript"> until locale: 'en'}, skin); </script></div>

6) Then, paste the code to Notepad. You compare it to my code. It need to be a bit same to my code.

7) Done? Good. Now, you can change back to your Blogskin.

8) Copy your earlier code, then paste it to wherever your want.

9) Preview and Save. ;)

p/s: Kalau ada orang Melayu tak faham boleh tengok SINI okeyy. Haha~
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