Tutorial: Put Google Friend Connect in Blogskin / Letak Google Friend Connect dalam Blogskin


Warning: Please do by the numbers. Some numbers are not in their order, so read carefully.

is lesson day! How to put Google Friend Connect in Blogskin hah?
First of all, what is Google Friend Connect? And how to get it?
This is Google Friend Connect.

2) To get it, open Blogger --> Layout --> Add a Gadget --> More Gadgets --> Scroll till the bottom --> Click the 'plus' icon.

1) Eh, wait-wait. You say we want to put it in Blogskin? Okay, I forget to tell you. The most first step is change your Blogskin to it origin. Don't worry, your skin WILL NOT DISAPPEARD! Trust Blogger! Don't know how?

3) After that, you open your blog, then press CTRL+U in the same time to view your page source.

4) Press CTRL+F in the same time to find. Then, search friendconnect
As example, this is my code. Click to view it better.
WARNING: Don't copy the code at the bottom. Every blog has it own code. I show this just as an example.
5) You need to copy from <script type="text/javascript"> until locale: 'en'}, skin); </script></div>

6) Then, paste the code to Notepad. You compare it to my code. It need to be a bit same to my code.

7) Done? Good. Now, you can change back to your Blogskin.

8) Copy your earlier code, then paste it to wherever your want.

9) Preview and Save. ;)

p/s: Kalau ada orang Melayu tak faham boleh tengok SINI okeyy. Haha~

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