Tutorial: Made your own Navbar / Buat Navbar sendiri


First of all, what is Navbar? o.O Let me introduce you to..

//Click to view it better

But, that original Blogger navbar is tooo old-fashioned. It not suited our taste nowadays, isn't it? =p So.. How to made our own navbar? =D

Okay, simpy follow these steps below.

1. Blogger --> Template --> Edit HTML

2. Copy these code below.

3 Paste the code BELOW </head> (CTRL + F to search! =) )

4. Edit:

PICTUREURL - The Navbar's background's URL.  =P
#1c1c1c - The font's color code. Choose it HERE. Or! You can type the color. Example, color:black;
11 - The font's size.
Welcome to my blog! - Change with your word. =)
YOURBLOGID - Your Blog ID! =p *Don't know what?
absolute - If you want the navbar scrolling with you, (example here) change it to fixed. =)

5. Preview. Is it okay? No need to change? No errors? Save! =D

p/s: Make sure you off the original navbar first! ;) Don't know how?

Credit to: 
Kak Nurrul & Kak Kiera

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