Baymax Amigurumi Free Pattern [No Sew / One Piece]

Free No-Sew Easy Baymax Amigurumi Pattern for Beginners

What you'll need
Stitch marker (Bobby pins or paper clips would do)
Polyfiber fill
White yarn
Crochet hook (I used a 3mm one, the smallest I have)
Safety eyes or black buttons
Tapestry needle
Black thread (sew it a few times for it to look neat and thick)

inc=2SC in one stitch
dec=1SC in two stitches
FLO=Front Loop Only
BLO=Back Loop Only

I didn't create this pattern myself, I just tweak it from the basic one-piece amigurumi doll pattern and edit it based on these Baymax pattern, (A little love everyday & KHook Creations) according to my liking. I only did it on my sister's wish at first, but as I had already written out the pattern and tested it several times, I believe it'd be a waste to keep it to myself. You may sell products using this pattern, but not to claim it as your own, thank you. ^^

ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND, PLEASE REFER TO THIS POST. Always crochet Amigurumi using invisible decrease and the ultimate end for best results. Thanks a lot to all the contributors for giving many much-appreciated inspirations ❣️

1. 6SC in magic ring
2. Inc all (12SC in total)
3. 1SC, inc (18SC)
4. 2SC, inc (24SC)
5. 3SC, inc (30SC)
6-8. 30SC around (3 rounds)
9. 3SC, dec (24SC)
10. 2SC, dec (18SC)
11. 1SC, dec (12SC) [Sew the lines+eyes then stuff the head]
12. 1SC, inc (18SC) [FLO]
13. 2SC, inc (24SC)
14. 3SC, inc (30SC)
15. 4SC, inc (36SC)
16. 5SC, inc (42SC)
17. Insert your crochet hook into the next 7th stitch from the hook, crochet 1SC
18. Crochet 14SC, repeat #17
19. Crochet 14SC (30SC in total)
20. 30SC around
21. 4SC, inc (36SC)
22. 5SC, inc (42SC)
23. 6SC, inc (48SC)
24. 48SC around
25. 6SC, dec (42SC)
26. 5SC, dec (36SC)
27. 4SC, dec (30SC)
28. 3SC, dec (24SC)
29. 24SC around
30. Crochet 7SC
31. Count 12SC from the BACK of your hook (to the right if you're right handed, and vise versa), put your hook into the 12th stitch, pull up a loop, then pull the yarn tight. Afterwards crochet 1SC [This is the crotch]
32. Crochet 4SC (12SC in total)

1st Leg

1-4. 12SC around (4 rounds) [You could stuff the body+legs now]
5. Dec BLO (6SC in total) [If it's too tricky, you could just decrease normally. The BLO was to make the feet flat)
6. Close the Amigurumi

2nd Leg

1. Knot the yarn's end so it wouldn't pass through the loop
2. Insert hook through the crotch & the stitch next to it (at the opposite side), pull up a loop, pull tight, then crochet 1SC
3. Crochet 11SC (12SC in total)
4-8. 12SC around (5 rounds) [Stuff the leg]
9. Dec BLO (6SC in total) [If it's too tricky, you could just decrease normally. The BLO was to make the feet flat)
10. Close the Amigurumi


1. 6SC
2-3. Inc all (12SC)
4-6. 3SC, inc (15SC)
7-8. 4SC, inc (18SC)
9. 4SC, dec (15SC)
10. 3SC, dec (12SC)
11. 1SC, dec (9SC)
12. 1SC, dec (6SC) [Stuff the arms]

Close the Amigurumi. Crochet the other arm.

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