Um.. I want to write about last night's dream. Usually i just wrote it all in my journal(diary) that have only 6 pages left (good job, me) but this one is kinda.. Disturbing? My journal have so many contents in it, you name it; horny, novel ideas, some scribbling, including dream journal, but it's all is 'myself'. I don't know... Myself is that happy, cheerful, loud and annoying little brat of the family. But THIS side.

..Barniyah Ammara. The name I gave to 'this' side when I was in the depression phase. Long story, you don't wanna hear it and I don't want to write it, thanks a lot. This straightforward, (still) annoying and all those 'bad' side, I blame it to Barniyah Ammara. Yes, personality complex or whatever you call it.

Enough with the intro. I have the urge to share this story like; REALLY. But not to 'myself's family or to 'myself'; but to Barniyah Ammara. Again, thanks a lot. Warning; MAY be disturbing. And no, I didn't watch horror movies in ages since I was like; 11? All of the 'inside jokes' I'll explain it in [brackets]. 
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