My Conversation with Outsiders About Malaysia and #2.6B

My every days in daily basis,.. Sebongies, of course. Lol. Every videos I watched I will leave a comment, even it's just a dot. (Although I never do that~) and somehow my comments that consists of Seventeen (obviously, it's their videos) become a complaint about our beloved prime minister.

It's been a while since the convo ended, but somehow it keeps bugging me to share this. With Malaysians. So, yeah. Here's the screenshots of my conversation with outsiders about Malaysia and #2.6B //Click for a bigger image\\

If you don't understand yet, here's the story: I was watching this video and at 7:05-7:18 (you can see it in the video above), Boo Seungkwan and Kwon Hoshi from Seventeen mentioned about the other member, (they have 13 freakin' members lol) Hong Joshua (Korean from Los Angeles, his Korean name is Hong Jisoo, which I mentioned in my first comment.) that have a swimming pool in his house back in USA.

In Malaysia, someone with swimming pool is considered rich isn't it? So that's what I commenting about. (This Z.Ra Rawr person is Malaysian btw XD I found out about it in another comment section where 'Malaysians fan united' :p) Then come a bunch of foreigners saying it's not that expensive in their country. Then I and the other Malaysian start talking about the situation here, in Malaysia. 

After talking about mostly everything, the outsiders admits the situation here is worse and the 'what kind of prime minister is that' XD Well, not a very nice statement to promote our country, huh?

I'm just feeling like sharing this, not that I want to start a war or anything. It's up to you to view this situation as you want. -Peace out-

On a random side note: Dear sis, please go get a life rather than spending your whole time watching Running Man. From morning to morning. I need to use Lenovo too, you see.. Mentang-mentang dah habis SPM, lol.

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