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Assalamualaikum and Peace be Upon You

I'm back! Anyone miss me? *cough, cough* I'm glad the exam was over (for now). I thought I finally can say "Merdeka!" after such a long week. Unfortunately, someone irresponsible has 'bocorkan' paper English and paper Science. That's means I had to do the English paper all over again? Both parts!? *sighs*
Why this happens when I'm confident I can got the best possible marks for English Section B? T_T

Okay, I know every things happen for a reason. And I realize too, This is a great opputinity to study Science more affectively, seeing as I'm not very good on Section B. *muka bersyukur* But! I am really mad for the English. Oh my God, why don't you tell the news before I'm answering the paper? Just tell it on the 'Berita Tiba-tiba' instead of daily news okay!?

Moreover, my teacher.. I mean I admit she copied the English Paper 2 Question, but that's it! She's only copied that part. Why I had to answer Paper 1 too? I believe Paper 1 will be hard as always, lebih-lebih lagi Grammar part. Oh My Grammar! Eh, one more! The teacher ONLY teach me, but I do 100% completely different from what she told me to do *hehe* (It should be bad, but in this situation, this is unfair! (for me))

That's all I think. Gotta watch Running Man after a long time. Goodbye for now.

p/s: Cett! Sengaja speaking sikit, nak practise kertas BI. =P Dan untuk pelawat pertama yang tak tahu saya cakap tentang apa, ianya UPSR!


  1. Hahaha nak buat cane , terima ja la . Maybe dengan ulangan ni , dapat result yg superbbb .. Sapa tahu kannn . All the best ! ^_^

  2. alorrh. siannya dia. :) good luckk lagi sekali. hehhe

  3. jom kita jwp paper sme2 30hb neh..hehe xmemasal jer tangguhkan..

  4. try all your best hehe...

    anyway tak sabar tggu minggu depan since RM yg minggu nih tangguh sbb Incheon game TT^TT

    sebenarnya harap Roomate yg ditangguhkan not Runningman TT^TT